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Maximizing Student Aid
Minimizing Family Cost

Like many, I am sure you are working hard to prepare yourself for college and the financial aid process.  Also, I am sure you are well aware of the stiff competition for college admission.  With so many choices available and a stack of college and university catalogs showing up at your home daily, college planning and college funding can be an overwhelming time.  Decisions such as in state, out of state, public, private, applications, essays, financial aid forms all need to be considered in a relatively short period of time.  Many of which you only have one shot and have to do well the first time.

What if you had someone to help you navigate through the complicated college planning and college funding process step by step?  Would that be of benefit to you and your family?  That is exactly what I can do for you.  I can show you how to do the following:

  • How to reduce your “EFC Expected Family Contribution”!
  • How to increase your “Financial Aid Eligibility”!
  • How to pick colleges that will give you more free money and less loans!
  • How to fill out all of the complicated financial aid forms accurately and on time!
  • How to be able to afford the college of your choice without going broke!
  • How to apply for every “Need based” scholarship, grant and low interest loan available!
  • And more……

I have helped families make college an affordable reality for over 15 years in the Roanoke and surrounding areas.  In most cases, I am able to help a family receive more money for college than they would have ever been able to get on their own.

Contact me today to discuss your options.  I look forward to answering your college funding and college planning questions.